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Welcome to your Profiling Choices assessment.

By completing the questions on the following pages you will start a process that can influence your behaviour for many years to come.
Some of you may have completed several profile assessments like Profiling Choices before, for others it may be the first time. Either way we are confident that you will find Profiling Choices an insightful tool to help you develop and grow your capability.

Please read the instructions on this page carefully before you begin.

On the next page you will be presented with the first of a sets of statements. Each following page contains the next set of statements which will repeat until you have completed the whole assessment.

You will quickly notice that the statement structure is bipolar, which means you will have to make preference choices between paired statements. Each question pair is unique and therefore is not repeated in the assessment, however each individual statement occurs several times but paired with other statements. This will become very clear as you work through the pages. Don’t worry about this apparent repetition, just keep working through each question pairing indicating your preferences.

In some of the pairings you may find it difficult to choose a preference. It may feel like neither option describes you perfectly. If this happens, guess which option suits you better. We are able to detect patterns in your responses, even if some of your answers feel like guesses.

For each question pair, slide the button towards the statement you most feel represents you. You may slide the button in stages depending upon your level of feeling towards or away from any individual statement.

Sometimes you may feel that you disagree with both of the paired statements, in those situations answer by leaving the slider button in the central position between the two statements.