About us

Profiling Choices helps users quickly gain insight into the way they work alone and with others, their personalities and their working habits.

Profiling Choices explores peoples preferred ways of working allowing them to make informed decisions about personal development and career choices.

By completing Profiling Choices, people can relate to how colleagues and team members work with them. It helps identify roles that suit their perosnalities or identifies opportunities for change that will ulimately lead to a more fulffilled professional and personal life.

Profiling Choices has been intentionally designed to be simple to use and quickly generate valuable insight for the user.
It has been designed to be intuitive for both individuals and groups working within a closed lesson based scenario.
Clear visual indicators and easily digested reports allow people, teams and organisations to quickly access areas of development but also provide enough depth for further in-depth contemplation.

Profiling Choices is designed to be flexible for todays connected world. It can be used by remote or mobile teams collaborating around the globe.

About Symposium Solutions Limited and Imanage Performance Limited

Profiling Choices is brought to you by Symposium Solutions Limited working with Imanage Performance Limited. Together we have quickly established ourselves as trusted providers of organisational learning solutions. Here are some of the things we do best:

  • Develop online learning solutions.
  • Provide tools that support an organisations informal learning.
  • Help people work smarter through personal reflection.
  • Offer true blended learning across a range of channels within a connected strategy

Our client list speaks for itself as a trusted training provider to top global businesses. We’re also personal and flexible enough to work with small organisations. We are determined to deliver fantastic blended learning products and unparalleled levels of service.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“A very big thank you for all that you and your colleagues have done for us this year. You listened very carefully to what we were trying to achieve in terms of tailored training for employees and then delivered above and beyond that brief.”

“We can be a cynical bunch when it comes to training. The approach that you took - good theoretical material backed up with real life examples - got our attention very early on. And yes, the music quizzes were a highlight for some!”

JENNIFER JENKINS, Managing Director, MCI

“iManage understand our culture and life as it really is in a complex organisation. Their interventions are practical, realistic and have genuinely helped my team change, grow and adopt our values.”

MARK GREY, Operational Standards Manager, London Underground